In the Healthcare Consulting framework BOTO offers a wide medical and scientific expertise and knowledge of the context.

BOTO has been created in 2005, by a group of professionals who were involved in various fields of the healthcare system such as health institutions, pharmaceutical companies, service agencies, international research networks, reflecting their twenty years experience and works with a wide network of professionals. The structure through this network offers a diversified capacity of production thanks to the use of different contributions for different contexts.

The consistent and recognized base of specialist medical-scientific skills, combined with the authoritativeness in the presentation to the various interlocutors and the knowledge of the healthcare context, allows BOTO to follow a strong instinct for innovation, not an end in itself, but as the research of new productive sectors, new targets, and new languages as a response to real needs, enhancing the opportunities for multidisciplinarity, synergies and hybridization of the means.

BOTO suggests concrete projects, tailored to customer needs and harmonized with scientific societies, opinion leaders, patients associations. After the appropriate feasibility assessments BOTO projects are conducted by Project Managers adequately trained, and BOTO offers all the services, including the selection and coordination of the suppliers, the rationalization of resources and the monitoring and measuring of the progress.

BOTO is a real opportunity in the healthcare scenario.